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1.00011/1999A  E  F                      R                              
Nakano, Taro; Makino, Junichiro
On the Cusp around Central Black Holes in Luminous Elliptical Galaxies

Kokubo, E.; Makino, J.; Ida, S.
Evolution of a Circumterrestrial Disk and Formation of a Single Moon

1.00008/1999                                R                              
Nakano, Taro; Makino, Junichiro
The Structure and Origin of Density Cusps in the Central Regions of Elliptical Galaxies

1.00008/1999A  E  F                          C      S                  
Portegies Zwart, S. F.; Makino, J.; McMillan, S. L. W.; Hut, P.
Star cluster ecology. III. Runaway collisions in young compact star clusters

1.00006/1999A  E                                                          
Yoshinaga, Keiko; Kokubo, Eiichiro; Makino, Junichiro
The Stability of Protoplanet Systems

1.00002/1999A  E  F                      R                              
Funato, Yoko; Makino, Junichiro
Change in Mass and Energy of Galaxies through Mutual Encounters

1.00001/1999    E                                                          
Hut, P.; Makino, J.
Astrophysics on the GRAPE Family of Special-Purpose Computers

1.00001/1999A  E  F                      R  C                          
Nakano, Taro; Makino, Junichiro
On the Origin of Density Cusps in Elliptical Galaxies

Hamada, T.; Fukushige, T.; Kawai, A.; Makino, J.
PROGRAPE-1: A Programmable Special-Purpose Computer for Many-Body Simulations

Makino, J.
Special-Purpose Computer for Gravitational N-body System: GRAPE

Fukushige, T.; Makino, J.
N-body Simulation of Dark Matter Halo Formation Using GRAPE

Kawai, A.; Fukushige, T.; Taiji, M.; Makino, J.; Sugimoto, D.
Cosmological N-Body Simulations with GRAPE-4

Fukushige, T.; Makino, J.
Structure of Dark Matter Halo

Athanassoula, E.; Bosma, A.; Lambert, J.-C.; Makino, J.
Numerical Simulations of Galaxies with the Marseille GRAPE-3 Systems

Makino, J.

1.00009/1998A  E  F                          C                          
Portegies Zwart, Simon F.; Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro; McMillan, Stephen L. W.
On the dissolution of evolving star clusters

1.00008/1998A  E                          R                              
Makino, Junichiro; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Funato, Yoko; Kokubo, Eiichiro
On the mass distribution of planetesimals in the early runaway stage

1.00007/1998A  E  F  G                  R                              
Kokubo, Eiichiro; Yoshinaga, Keiko; Makino, Junichiro
On a time-symmetric Hermite integrator for planetary N-body simulation

1.00002/1998A  E  F  G                  R  C                          
Athanassoula, E.; Bosma, A.; Lambert, J.-C.; Makino, J.
Performance and accuracy of a GRAPE-3 system for collisionless N-body simulations

Kokubo, Eiichiro; Makino, Junichiro
New time-symmetric integrators for planetary dynamics

Yoshinaga, Keiko; Kokubo, Eiichiro; Makino, Junichiro
The stability of protoplanet systems

1.00010/1997A          G                  R                              
Kawai, Atsushi; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Taiji, Makoto; Makino, Junichiro; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
The PCI Interface for GRAPE Systems: PCI-HIB

1.00006/1997A          G                  R                              
Endoh, Hitoshi; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro
Gravothermal Expansion in N-Body Systems

1.00005/1997A  E  F                      R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Hut, Piet
Merger Rate of Equal-Mass Spherical Galaxies

1.00005/1997A  E  F                      R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Taiji, Makoto; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
GRAPE-4: A Massively Parallel Special-Purpose Computer for Collisional N-Body Simulations

1.00004/1997A          G                  R  C      S                  
Athanassoula, E.; Makino, J.; Bosma, A.
Evolution of compact groups of galaxies - I. Merging rates

1.00003/1997A  E  F                      R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro
Merging of Galaxies with Central Black Holes. II. Evolution of the Black Hole Binary and the Structure of the Core

1.00003/1997A  E  F                      R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro
On the Origin of Cusps in Dark Matter Halos

1.00000/1997                                    C                          
Hut, Piet; Funato, Yoko; Kokubo, Eiichiro; Makino, Junichiro; McMillan, Steve
Time Symmetrization Meta-Algorithms

Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro; Kawai, Atsushi
Distribution of Dark Matter in Galaxy Cluster

Funato, Y.; Makino, J.
On the universality of M-sigma relation of ES

Nakano, T.; Fukushige, T.; Makino, J.
On the Origin of Density Cusp in Galactic Nuclei with Central Black Hole

Makino, Jun
Massive Black hole binaries in galactic nuclei

Funato, Y.; Makino, J.
Formation of galaxy core from hierarchical mergings of proto-star clusters

Kawai, A.; Fukushige, T.; Taiji, M.; Makino, J.; Sugimoto, D.
The PCI interface for GRAPE systems: PCI-HIB

Fukushige, T.; Makino, Junichiro; Taiji, Makoto
Highly-Parallelized Special-Purpose Computer for N-body Simulations: GRAPE-5

Funato, Y.; Makino, J.; McMillan, S.; Hut, P.
AN Universal Meta-Algorithm to Symmetrize Any One-step Time-integration scheme

Yoshinaga, K.; Kokubo, Eiichro; Makino, Junichiro
Long-term Evolution of Protoplanets

1.00011/1996A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Makino, Junichiro
Postcollapse Evolution of Globular Clusters

1.00010/1996A          G                  R                              
Funato, Yoko; Hut, Piet; McMillan, Steve; Makino, Junichiro
Time-Symmetrized Kustaanheimo-Stiefel Regularization

1.00009/1996A          G                  R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Taiji, Makoto; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
A Highly Parallelized Special-Purpose Computer for Many-Body Simulations with AN Arbitrary Central Force: MD-GRAPE

1.00007/1996A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Merging of Galaxies with Central Black Holes. I. Hierarchical Mergings of Equal-Mass Galaxies

Funato, Y.; Makino, J.; Hut, P.; McMillan, S.
Time-Symmetrized Kustaanheimo-Stiefel Regularization

1.00000/1996                                    C                          
Makino, J.
Gravothermal Oscillations

1.00000/1996                                    C                          
Taiji, M.; Makino, J.; Fukushige, T.; Ebisuzaki, T.; Sugimoto, D.
GRAPE-4: A Teraflops Machine for N-Body Simulations

1.00000/1996                        T                                      
Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro
Dynamical evolution of star clusters: confrontation of theory and observations: proceedings of the 174th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Tokyo, Japan, August 22-25, 1995.

Fukushige, T.; Makino, J.; Ebisuzaki, T.
Effect of Multiple Gravitational Lensing on the Anisotropy of the Cosmic Background Radiation

Fukushigi, T.; Makino, J.
Exponential Growth of Distance between Nearby Rays Due to Multiple Gravitational Lensing

Funato, Y.; Makino, J.
Evolution of Galaxies Through Their Interactions

Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro
Dynamical evolution of star clusters. Confrontation of theory and observations

1.00010/1995A          G                  R                              
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro; Nishimura, Osamu; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Smoothing of the Anisotropy of the Cosmic Background Radiation by Multiple Gravitational Scattering

1.00004/1995A          G                  R  C                          
Hut, Piet; Makino, Jun; McMillan, Steve
Building a better leapfrog

1.00000/1995                                    C                          
Athanassoula, E.; Makino, J.
Simulations of Compact Groups of Galaxies: Some Preliminary Results

1.00012/1994A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Triple black holes in the cores of galaxies

1.00012/1994A          G                  R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro
Exponential growth of distance between nearby rays due to multiple gravitational scatterings

1.00012/1994A          G                  R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
The effect of gravitational scattering on the anisotropy of the cosmic background radiation

1.00003/1994A          G                  R                              
Funato, Yoko; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Attenuation of luminosity of distant galaxies by multiple gravitational lensing

1.00011/1993A                              R  C                          
Ida, Shigeru; Makino, Junichiro
Scattering of planetesimals by a protoplanet - Slowing down of runaway growth

1.00008/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Ida, S.; Kokubo, E.; Makino, J.
The Origin of Anisotropic Velocity Dispersion of Particles in a Disc Potential

1.00007/1993            G                  R                          O  
Hernquist, Lars; Hut, Piet; Makino, Jun
Discreteness Noise versus Force Errors in N-Body Simulations: Erratum

1.00006/1993A          G                  R                              
Ohno, Yousuke; Makino, Junichiro; Hachisu, Izumi; Ueno, Munetaka; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Daiichiro; Okumura, Sachiko K.; Chikada, Yoshihiro
DREAM-1: Special-Purpose Computer for Computational Fluid Dynamics

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro; Ito, Tomoyoshi; Okumura, Sachiko K.; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
WINE-1: Special-Purpose Computer forN-Body Simulations with a Periodic Boundary Condition

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Kokubo, Eiichiro; Taiji, Makoto
HARP: A Special-Purpose Computer forN-Body Problem

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Ito, Tomoyoshi; Makino, Junichiro; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Okumura, Sachiko K.; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
A Special-Purpose Computer forN-Body Simulations: GRAPE-2A

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Okumura, Sachiko K.; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Ito, Tomoyoshi; Sugimoto, Daiichiro; Hashimoto, Eiri; Tomida, Koumei; Miyakawa, Noriaki
Highly Parallelized Special-Purpose Computer, GRAPE-3

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Umemura, Masayuki; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Daiichiro; Turner, Edwin L.; Loeb, Abraham
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics with GRAPE-1A

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Okumura, Sachiko K.; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
The evolution of massive black-hole binaries in merging galaxies. I - Evolution of a binary in a spherical galaxy

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Funato, Yoko; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Evolution of clusters of galaxies

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Funato, Yoko
The GRAPE Software System

1.00006/1993A          G                  R  C                          
Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Makino, Junichiro; Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Taiji, Makoto; Sugimoto, Daiichiro; Ito, Tomoyoshi; Okumura, Sachiko K.
GRAPE Project: AN Overview

Ebisuzaki, T.; Fukushige, T.; Funato, Y.; Makino, J.; Taiji, M.; Hachisu, I.; Sugimoto, D.
GRAPE: Special Purpose Computer for Gravitational N-body Simulations

1.00001/1993            G                  R  C                      O  
Hernquist, Lars; Hut, Piet; Makino, Jun
Discreteness Noise versus Force Errors in N-Body Simulations
1.00000/1993            G                                                  
Makino, Junichiro
Simulations of Globular Cluster Evolution by Special-Purpose Computers

1.00012/1992A          G                  R  C                          
Funato, Yoko; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Violent relaxation is not a relaxation process

1.00009/1992A          G                  R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Makino, Junichiro
Gravitational wave burst produced by merging of central black holes of galaxies

1.00007/1992A                              R  C                          
Ida, Shigeru; Makino, Junichiro
N-body simulation of gravitational interaction between planetesimals and a protoplanet. II - Dynamical friction

1.00006/1992A          G                  R  C                          
Funato, Yoko; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Energy segregation through violent relaxation

1.00006/1992A          G                  R  C      S                  
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Makino, Junichiro
Rapid orbital decay of a black hole binary in merging galaxies

1.00004/1992A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Aarseth, Sverre J.
On a Hermite integrator with Ahmad-Cohen scheme for gravitational many-body problems

1.00003/1992A                              R  C                          
Ida, Shigeru; Makino, Junichiro
N-body simulation of gravitational interaction between planetesimals and a protoplanet. I - Velocity distribution of planetesimals

1.00012/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro
A Modified Aarseth Code for GRAPE and Vector Processors

1.00012/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Fukushige, Toshiyuki; Ito, Tomoyoshi; Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Sugimoto, Daiichiro; Umemura, Masayuki
GRAPE-1A: Special-Purpose Computer for N-body Simulation with a Tree Code

1.00012/1991A          G                  R  C      S  N              
Okumura, Sachiko K.; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Makino, Junichiro
Kinematic structures of merger remnants

1.00012/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Hut, Piet
On core collapse

1.00011/1991A                              R  C      S                  
Ebisuzaki, T.; Makino, J.; Okumura, S. K.
Merging of two galaxies with central black holes

1.00011/1991A                              R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Akiyama, Kazuhide; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
Merger of binary globular clusters - Case of unequal masses

1.00008/1991A          G                      C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Okumura, Sachiko K.
DREAM: A Special-Purpose Computer for Large Scale Mesh Calculations

1.00008/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro
Treecode with a Special-Purpose Processor

1.00006/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Ito, Tomoyoshi; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu; Makino, Junichiro; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
A Special-Purpose Computer for Gravitational Many-Body Systems: GRAPE-2

1.00005/1991A          G                  R  C                          
McMillan, Steve; Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro
Star cluster evolution with primordial binaries. II - Detailed analysis

1.00003/1991A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro
Optimal order and time-step criterion for Aarseth-type N-body integrators

Kodaira, K.; Okumura, S.; Makino, J.; Ebisuzaki, T.; Sugimoto, D.
Dynamical evolution of compact groups of galaxies

Sugimoto, D.; Ebisuzaki, T.; Ito, T.; Makino, J.
Special Purpose Computer for N-Body Problems

Sugimoto, D.; Ebisuzaki, T.; Makino, J.
Dynamical Evolution of Binary Clusters and Colliding Galaxies

Okumura, K. S.; Ebisuzaki, T.; Makino, J.; Sugimoto, D.; Ito, T.; Kodaira, K.
A Special-Purpose Computer for Gravitational Many-Body Problems and Merger Simulations
1.00000/1991            G                      C                          
McMillan, Stephen L. W.; Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro
Star Cluster Evolution with Primordial Binaries

1.00012/1990A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Hut, Piet
Bottlenecks in simulations of dense stellar systems

1.00010/1990A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Ito, Tomoyoshi; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu
Error Analysis of the GRAPE-1 Special-Purpose N-Body Machine

1.00010/1990A          G                  R  C                          
McMillan, Steve; Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro
Star cluster evolution with primordial binaries. I - A comparative study

1.00005/1990                                R  C                          
Sugimoto, D.; Chikada, Y.; Makino, J.; Ito, T.; Ebisuzaki, T.; Umemura, M.
A Special-Purpose Computer for Gravitational Many-Body Problems

1.00004/1990A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Akiyama, Kazuhide; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
On the apparent universality of the R exp 1/4 law for brightness distribution in galaxies

1.00000/1989A          G                  R  C      S  N              
Sugimoto, Daiichiro; Makino, Junichiro
Synchronization instability and merging of binary globular clusters
1.00000/1989A                                  C                          
Hut, P.; Breeden, J. L.; Cohn, H.; Makino, J.; McMillan, S.
Globular cluster evolution - Physical mechanisms, recent results and future models
1.00000/1989A                                  C                          
Makino, J.
Gravothermal oscillations in N-body systems

Makino, J.; Hut, P.
Galaxies in the Connection Machine

1.00012/1988A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Hut, Piet
Performance analysis of direct N-body calculations

1.00011/1988A                              R  C      S                  
Hut, Piet; Makino, Junichiro; McMillan, Steve
Modelling the evolution of globular star clusters

1.00000/1987A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
Effect of suprathermal particles on gravothermal oscillation

1.00000/1986A          G                  R  C                          
Makino, Junichiro; Tanekusa, Junichiro; Sugimoto, Daiichiro
Gravothermal oscillation in gravitational many-body systems

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